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Chibi Beth by tyedyefroglover Chibi Beth :icontyedyefroglover:tyedyefroglover 0 1 TDI OC- Rachel by tyedyefroglover TDI OC- Rachel :icontyedyefroglover:tyedyefroglover 0 0
TDI-Road Trip Ch. 1
Gwen's Pov.
I let out a groan as I hoisted myself off of my bed dragging my feet across my wooden floor trying to wake myself up. I made it down stairs and into the kitchen as I looked at the time on the stove and groaned again when I saw the digital numbers read four thirty a.m. I grabbed a Mocha Java Monster from the fridge and smiled as I took a sip of the energizing coffee drink.
I grinned again as I thought about what today was. I raced back up the stairs bringing my drink with me as I went over to my suitcases and made sure I had everything I needed.
"Alright; Cloths, bathing suit, some dresses, my iPod, laptop, socks, sunscreen, extra money, extra snacks, mainly for Owen, hair gel, make-up, and looks like everything else is here too!"
As I went though the check list in my head; I smiled as I zipped all of the suitcases up and brought them back down the stairs and put them by the door as I raced back upstairs to get dressed.
As I got dressed; I went through the p
:icontyedyefroglover:tyedyefroglover 2 2
Santa Baby
"Rockin around the Christmas tree at the Christmas party hop!"
"Mistletoe hung where you can see, every couple tries to stop!"

I sang along with the catchy song as I twirled down the isles checking inventory at the local Christmas shop which they open every year from the middle of October to the end of December. Yeah, weird to open a Christmas shop in October but, everyone here just loves this certain holiday so much.
I tapped my foot to the beat as the little bell jingled on my shoe. I was wearing an elf costume; yes, it's part of the uniform but, I don't mind it, I think it's a cute idea.
"Oh Andrea, come out, come out wherever you are!" I heard a voice call up from the front desk. I smirked knowing that voice from anywhere.
"Over in the Santa isle Nikki!" I said as I checked off the Gingerbread Santa that was on my list.
I looked over at the end of the isle and saw Nikki's head pop out from behind a display with a giant smile plastered on her face and along with reindeer antl
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As You Hold Me- Ch. 14 TxL
It was another boring day on the island as the campers were lazing around waiting for Chris to show up and drop some stupid challenge on them. Tyler was talking with Lindsay as they shared some Ice-cream he snuck from the kitchen only a few minutes ago.
"Thanks so much Tanner." The blonde said as Tyler frowned.
"It's Tyler; T-Y-L-E-R. The jock said hoping that spelling out his name would help his clueless girlfriend remember.
"You have a Tiger!" Lindsay said excitingly as she clapped her hands. Tyler slapped his forehead as he sighed. He gave up and just enjoyed the precious moment with her, well; until an announcement came over the PA system.
"Afternoon campers, everyone report to the indoor dodge ball court located near the beach in five." Chris's voice said over the system as Tyler and Lindsay groaned.
"When did we ever have an indoor dodge ball court?" Tyler asked Lindsay as she tilted her head to the side.
"Tim, what's dodge ball?" She asked as Tyler sighed again and got up and of
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Behind Closed Doors Ch.2
I've noticed that reality has a funny way of making your life Hell. It can take the form of someone you love leaving you forever or having the only other person in your life beat you and regard you as a worthless piece of flesh that should have never been born.
Well, in my case; they've both have happened to me. First, Mom had to leave me alone because, some dumbass didn't know what a Stop sign meant.
Then, my 'Dad' who was loving and caring to me just changed into a completely different person right before my eyes. I wouldn't even call him a person anymore. More like a dark spirit that's shown up in my life and made it into a living Hell.
Having to cover up the evidence of what he does when he comes back from a full day at the bar with his 'buddies' and tells me how useless and worthless I am as the blows keep coming.
I've learned to deal with it, how to hide it well too. The key is to act. I act like the beatings don't affect me when it happens and he stops early. In reality though;
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TDI OC- Molly by tyedyefroglover TDI OC- Molly :icontyedyefroglover:tyedyefroglover 0 1
Behind Closed Doors- Prologue
It wasn't supposed to end like this; face to face with death in the form of a gun pointed to my head. It was supposed to end happy like all those fairy tales I used to read as a kid.
I guess I had what was coming to me. I read all the threats and I should've been smarter than this but, it felt right; he was right and I couldn't look past that.
He's made me so happy these past few months. You could say I fell in love with him and I did. My heart belonged to him and only him. I lightly smiled at the thought of being in his arms again but, it wouldn't happen.
When he finds me; I'll be long gone, dead; nothing but a memory to him, to anyone.
Tears cascaded down my pale face as I heard the gun cock as the sound of snickers and laughs erupted in the room.
"You should've known your place, bitch." The voice of evil itself said as my hair as yanked back hard. I bit my lip keeping my whimper of pain in; I couldn't show any fear, not in front of these demons.
"Even if she did, she wouldn't listen
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As You Hold Me- Ch. 13 NxK
It was another night of the dreaded marshmallow ceremony on the island as the Killer Bass were anxiously waiting to see who was going home. As the marshmallow count crept lower and lower the two BFFL's were getting worried as it was down to only two left.
It was between them and Courtney. Both friends prayed it would be the bossy C.I.T that would get booted off.
"Two marshmallows left and yet there's three of you, who's going home?" Chris said as he filled the already tension filled air.
"Katie, Sadie, and Courtney; who's it going to be?" He continued to taunt as the BFFL's hugged each other tightly as the sadistic host chuckled at their reaction.
"Will you hurry the fuck up Chirs!" Duncan shouted at the host.
"Alright, jeez just trying to preserve the suspense."
"Well; right now hurry your ass up!" The criminal shouted back giving him the bird.
"Jeez, Courtney and Katie; you're safe and Sadie; you're out of here. There, happy now Duncan?" Chris said as he carelessly tossed the marshma
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As You Hold Me- Ch. 12 SxC
It was late as the plane hummed as it traveled through the air going to God knows where now. Sierra sighed as she reached for the handle on the side of her seat and popped the foot rest out and laid back and looked at the roof of the plane.
She was thinking about Cody of course but, not in her usual obsessive way though. She was thinking about why he doesn't like her. I mean the guy wanted girls to fall for him and there she is at his feet literally and he doesn't even blink! She sighed as she started thinking about what her fans were saying on her website. It sounded crazy at first but, the more she thought about it, the more she thought about it, the more she was for the idea.
All she had to do was ignore him. It was simple enough. Do something out of her normal behavior and ignore him and see if that catches his attention. Sierra liked, no, loved the idea of it. She smirked as she thought about how it was going to go down tomorrow. He was going to be hers once and for all; he
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As You Hold Me- Ch. 11 BxH
It was a sunny day at camp Wawanakwa and Bridgette couldn't ask for anything else. She decided it was a good day to go hit some waves and since Chris gave the campers the day off she decided to take full advantage of it.
Before she could hit the waves, she had to have the most important meal of the day, wouldn't want to surf on an empty stomach.
She was currently in the mess hall chatting with Courtney and Gwen and they were talking about boys of course.
"Then, he has the nerve to just kiss me! I mean really, did I even give him permission to do that? I think not!" Courtney said huffing after she said that as she crossed her arms.
She was complaining how Duncan kissed her the other night which was of course Valentines day and well, they haven't made it official yet but, everyone in their right minds could see they were crazy for each other.
"You're upset because you got a kiss?" Gwen asked raising her brow at the C.I.T.
"Ummm..why? If I got a kiss on Valentines Day, I'd be jumpi
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As You Hold Me- Ch. 10 DJxE
It was late afternoon at the TDA studio lot and the teens were relaxing and enjoying the day off that Chris had gave them. They weren't going to waste it that's for sure.
Everyone was chatting with one another and having fun in the sprinklers or just sipping a nice cold drink except for one girl.
Eva was working out as usual with her dumbbells giving someone a scowl here and there. She scares everyone so what's the use of making friends. That's how she always saw it.
Getting fed up with seeing everyone in a more than happy mood and talking about everything and anything, Eva started walking to the woods that were on the edge of the lot all while still pumping her dumbbells.
While she was making her way to the woods, a certain guy was watching her smiling lightly in her direction as he decided to see where she was heading to.
As Eva made her way through the woods getting deeper and deeper into them she suddenly heard a chirp it was no ordinary chirp it was a chirp filled with pain.
Eva f
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As You Hold Me- Ch.9 NxC
It was a peaceful night at Playa Des Losers which is where the campers who got voted off the island stayed. Our favorite C.I.T was walking around trying to find something to occupy her time with.
The other teens that were on the island were either asleep on the fold out chairs or floating in the pool enjoying the peace and quiet.
As she walked into the lounge room she saw the bookworm himself Noah. Reading a book and being away from everyone else as usual. Usually she wouldn't talk to him but tonight she was really bored and there wasn't really much to do anyways.
Walking over to the couch Noah was sitting on she sat down and looked over his shoulder. Noah quickly shifted his head to the left to look at the C.I.T.
"Can I help you with something?" He asked clearly annoyed at the brunette girl's presence.
"I was just trying to see what you were reading." Courtney said with a huff.
"Well if you really need to know it's the Hunger Games." He said looking back down at his book.
"Good book."
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As You Hold Me- Ch.8 GxT
It was about noon on the island the teens had to be stuck on and one girl at that moment wanted to be off, that girl is Gwen.
She was currently on her bunk trying to ignore the squeals and shouts of the other girls who were trying on dresses that Chris had brought out.
"I can't believe Chip did this for us!" Lindsay said jumping up and down with delight, the sight wanted to make Gwen barf, happy over dresses, really?
"It's Chris and why is he doing this?" LeShawna asked as she poked through the dresses and went back to sit on her bunk which was next to Gwen's.
"Who knows probably to get higher rates or some shit like that." Gwen said rolling her eyes.
"You're right girl, that white boy is always trying to get them that's for sure. So, are you going with that fine music man of yours?" LeShawna asked sitting next to Gwen.
Gwen immediately blushed a bright shade of red. " What! He's not mine, and who said I was even going to the stupid party?" Gwen said crossing her arms and turned to fac
:icontyedyefroglover:tyedyefroglover 3 5
As You Hold Me- Ch.7 TxC
It was around Midnight at the TDA film lots where it seemed quiet and peaceful for once. Yet, there was a wondering Brunette searching through the lots.
It was Courtney.
The reason for being out this late especially when there was a challenge the next morning, she was trying to find Duncan, she needed to talk to him; to patch things up again. She couldn't fool anyone; not even herself. She was in love with him and she needed to say that to him face to face.
"Where could he be? I just saw him come out of his trailer a few minutes ago." She said to herself as she continued to scan the lot and its surroundings.
She suddenly heard distant giggling coming from the nearby bridge scene, the giggles where those of a girls, then a deep laughter. She recognized that laughter from anywhere, it was Duncan. She was confused and as her curiosity gained; she got closer to the noises.
As she made her way to some bushes; she bent down and moved some the bush out of the way so she could peek through. As
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United States
  • My name is Nikki

  • I'm half Hispanic and half Native American; Ute, Chyenne and Navajo

  • I love TDI and the pairings; JustinxBeth and DuncanxCourtney

  • I love chibis! :3

  • If you want to talk to me; talk to me. I don't bite; that much. :)

  • Favourite genre of music: Any Favourite style of art: Digital MP3 player of choice: iPod Favourite cartoon character: All the TD Characters
Well, I'm here in Conneticut now after twenty-one hours of driving. o.o My Aunt is letting me use her computer while we all stay here :3 So, that means I might be able to work on my stories while I'm here :D *does happy dance.*

The reason I say might is because of all of us going to the Hospital to visit my Grandma and just hanging out and catching up. I know you all don't want to here this; nor will you care but, I'm going to tell you anyways! :3

I got to met my little cousin Meghan today and she is just the cutest two year old ever! She calls me Mickey :3 and it's just so freaking adorable! XD

I also met my other cousin Joey who I've never met in my life before. He's cool though; he's my age; 17 and has a New York accent! XD


Okay, I'll stop boring you if anyone is reading this. I just wanted to tell you guys what's up and how I'm doing and that I'm still trying to work on things even though I'm fifteen hundred miles from my home. :p

Well, talk to you guys soon and have an awesome day! :D

Hugs and Kisses,

Nikki :3
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